Welcome to Ealing Liberal Synagogue

We welcome those of strong faith and those who see themselves more as cultural Jews; those who were born into Jewish families as well as those from mixed and non-Jewish backgrounds who have embraced Judaism; Jews who share their lives with non-Jewish partners as well as their families; those who live in conventional partnerships and those who do not.

Ealing Liberal Synagogue (ELS) is a progressive and friendly community synagogue for Jews and their families who live or work in West London. We embrace diversity and all kinds of people from many walks of life. Our members come from a wide catchment area and you are likely to find neighbours you never realised you had. Our membership includes young families, working singles and couples, and retirees.

We have offered a progressive alternative to the Jews of West London for more than 60 years. Started in 1943 by a group of people who were inspired by the inclusive ethos and progressive values of Liberal Judaism, the community has grown and flourished.

ELS is part of the Liberal Jewish Movement which defines itself as "The dynamic, cutting edge of modern Judaism. Liberal Judaism reveres Jewish tradition, and seeks to preserve the values of the Judaism of the past while giving them contemporary relevance. It aspires to a Judaism that is always an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities today, and equally makes its contribution to the betterment of society." You can visit their website at www.liberaljudaism.org

This website is designed to give you a window on Ealing Liberal Synagogue; our philosophy and beliefs, our activites and services, and our educational offerings. We hope it shines a light on some of our activities and it conveys something of our ethos, however by far and away the best way to find out about us is to talk to us and to visit. We hope to see you soon.